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AMCS technology brings significant improvements to your business. A statement we prove to be true every day. Innovations, redefining the ‘Tailored to Waste’ experience with its optimised accuracy and efficiency. Stay tuned and read all about it in this news section.


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A fine example of sustainable urban logistics
According to Gerard Veldhuijzen, sustainable urban logistics is all about cooperation, mutual trust and coming up with creative solutions. “Pioneering. The role of ICT is important here. ICT can have a binding effect”, he concludes.
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AMCS Waste Planner Lite
This lightweight version of the AMCS Waste Planner brings smarter planning solutions for optimising waste collection within reach for small and mid-sized fleets!
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Top Ten Reasons why IWS customers have moved to the AMCS Platform
Here are ten reasons why IWS customers have moved to AMCS Platform in the past three years.
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Customer Portal 2.4 Customer Self Service and More
The AMCS Customer Portal 2.4 release delivers added value to municipal and residential operators by automating more customer self- service capabilities to boost customer satisfaction and to reduce customer service costs.
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AMCS Groups next-gen customer support portal enables customers to use a self-service functionality to search knowledge base articles
The new AMCS customer support portal delivers a best in class support experience. This support tool will enable customers to use self-service functionality to search knowledge base articles, product documentation, view their support case metrics in real-time, and log tickets through the customer portal
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Innovative technology streamlines both back-office and mobile CRM of recycling companies
All the customer and transactional information at hand and up to date is one of the key values of an innovative system that includes a CRMS and a mobile app. This much is clear from an on-demand webinar hosted by Christian Pollklesener, Head of Professional Services at the AMCS Group. In the webinar, he explains some of the many features of the AMCS CRM and the mobile app, and gives a live demo to show the services' flexibility.
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How to efficiently centralise planning for waste collection routes
To achieve agility and efficiency in highly demanding and dynamic planning environments is one of the benefits organisations and companies can benefit from by centralising their waste collection planning. With a state-of-the-art system in place they can handle multiple intricate visit patterns while at the same time increase efficiencies, reduce costs, driver churn, and improve customer satisfaction.
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Why it is important for the waste and recycling industry to become more agile
In a rapidly changing world, for the waste and recycling industry, agility is vital to thrive in times of great complexity and uncertainty. It provides companies with the instruments to adapt to changes quickly and to succeed in a dynamic and fast-moving environment.
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AMCS Guided Navigation Mobile Workforce AMCS Platform.jpg
How to improve route safety and decrease driver churn
How to reduce drivers churn, which in some waste collecting companies annually can lead up to 15 to 20% of the workforce? The answer lays in guided navigation which on route accompanies drivers with turn-by-turn navigation and safety warnings.
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How metal recyclers can proactively respond to changing markets
Not many industries face so many challenges as metal recyclers on a daily basis. They have to deal with the complex logistic recycling process, rapidly changing prices and fluctuations in the global steel market. Respond quickly and with flexibility to the new circumstances is a major precondition to increase and strengthen their competitive edge.
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Stedennetwerk G40 interview wethouder Alderman Wim Willem City of Apeldoorn AMCS Group.jpg
Alderman Willems, City of Apeldoorn: "Sharing knowledge about innovative smart city concepts important"
Sharing knowledge about new technologies with Dutch municipal administrators responsible for waste collection in The Netherlands. According to Alderman Wim Willems of the City of Apeldoorn, this is the key value of the 'Smart cities in the G40' report.
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How to increase margins to strengthen the competitive edge for metal recyclers
Nowadays, more than ever, metal recyclers are faced with a series of challenges. The complex logistic recycling process, rapidly changing prices and fluctuations in the global steel market require companies to respond quickly and flexibly to new circumstances. Additionally, metal recyclers are also facing the current headwinds of the global economy. The front runners in the metal recycling industry are more resistant to these unpredictable circumstances. Innovative technologies support their agility and enable them to pro-actively respond to developments on the global metal recycling market. Since this increases both efficiency and margins, they can strengthen their competitive edge.
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